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Smiths Interconnect is committed to developing advanced interconnect solutions and value added services for the latest generation of aircraft. Our technology is well-suited to address both the reliability required for flight critical systems as well as environmental concerns such as shock, vibration and extreme temperature ranges.  Our continuous investment in technology and our commitment to excellence allow us to offer innovative solutions that improve the systems’ performance and effectiveness while reducing consumption and environmental impact.

We deliver light weight standard and custom interconnects, featuring high density, high power, EMI/EMP protection, RF and high speed capabilities in line with the next generation of cockpit avionics, communication equipment, navigation systems and various other airframe applications. Our cable assemblies meet the stringent flight requirements and provide system cables for RF interconnect solutions for aircraft to satellite communications equipment, radar applications, and sensor needs.

In mainland China, commercial aviation market business is operated by its joint venture Huafeng Smiths Interconnect.

China Market

The Commercial Aerospace market in China Smiths Interconnect operates through its Huafeng Smiths Interconnect technology brand.

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