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Silmat® Elastomeric Test Socket 


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Silmat® Elastomeric Test Socket 
  • Electrically transparent contact
  • Solderless memory replacement
  • Low, stable contact resistance
  • High frequency bandwidth > 40 GHz
  • Signal path length <1mm

Silmat® is a patented, low profile contact engineered specifically to provide electrical and mechanical advantages in the Digital High Speed and PoP Top segments of the Semiconductor Test industry.

Patented, low profile contact

Solderless memory replacement

Short signal path

Conformal to recessed LGAs

High speed signal integrity

Electrically transparent contact

High frequency bandwidth > 40 GHz

Low inductance


Long cycle life > 500,000 cycles (application dependent)

No PCB or solder ball damage

Minimal labor and tester downtime

Engineering expertise

Monte Carlo Analysis

Thermal Analysis

RF Simulation

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